Asthma Attack Victim 'Neglected' by School Teachers, Dies

A boy who died after an asthma attack was left struggling for breath in a corridor by teachers who failed to call an ambulance, Sky News reported Thursday.

Samuel Linton, 11, from Stockport, Cheshire, suffered an asthma attack during class at the town's Offerton High School but was left with only his inhaler for several hours until his mother was called and took him to hospital, where he died two hours later.

His devastated parents and their lawyers demanded that lessons needed to be learned at schools across the country, to ensure another death like Samuel's was avoided.

"Samuel was a wonderful son and his loss has been devastating,” Samuel’s parents, Paul and Karen Linton said.

"The inquest highlighted what happened at school that day and the thought that his death may have been prevented is too much to bear," they said.

The jury at Stockport Coroner's Court recorded a verdict of death by natural causes, significantly contributed to by neglect on an individual and systemic level.

During the three-week hearing jurors heard that teachers at Offerton were unaware of the school's policy that they should call an ambulance if a pupil had an asthma attack and did not improve within 10 minutes.

A spokesman for Stockport Council and Offerton High School said: "The death of a young person is an occasion of profound sadness and we extend our deepest sympathy to Samuel's parent's and family."

Source Link: Sky News