Dr Manny's Notes

Florida Clinic Throws Away Live Baby

Take his medical license away!

I'm referring to a physician in Florida who has been accused along with clinic staff of botching a late-term abortion and throwing out a living infant. This is one of the most horrendous stories that I have ever read a• regarding again a• a severe lack of proper medical care provided to a young woman and her child.

According to published reports, an 18-year-old girl went to a clinic in Florida for a late-term abortion at 23 weeks. Three days later, after receiving medication, the young woman went into labor and gave birth to a live baby girl. Since the doctor failed to show up in time, one of the clinic's owners who was not even licensed to practice medicine, cut the umbilical cord, placed the baby in a medical waste bag, and threw it in the trash.

According to the autopsy report, the tiny baby later died of complications related to her severe prematurity. And as I'm sure you can imagine, people in the region are shocked and disgusted by the news.

Now let's dissect this case a little bit ...

Late-term abortions are quite dangerous, and free-standing abortion clinics like this one have become hazardous to women all over the country. As details of this case clearly illustrate, unlicensed personnel, lack of proper sanitary conditions and untrained physicians can all lead to horrific outcomes.

This particular physician already had a restricted license, permitting him only to perform abortions when another physician was present, and his track record of malpractice was quite extensive.

The state board of medicine of Florida is going to look at this case and determine whether or not to strip this physician of his license completely.

Let me make it easy for them: Burn his license and shut down that clinic!

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