Dr Manny's Notes

'Stiff' Drinks Mean Better Sex?

Well it's Super Bowl weekend - a great American tradition - and everyone is very excited thinking about where they will be spending their weekend having fun and watching the game.

Typically around this season, I always get asked "Hey Dr. Manny, what are the healthiest snacks for me to serve during my party." And of course I go through the panoply of things like veggies and other low-fat treats. And of course, I always advise people to drink in moderation.

But I've recently started getting a lot of phone calls from my male friends saying, "You know, we just read that a new study out of Australia that's reporting that alcohol is good for your sex life."

According to the researchers who interviewed over 1,500 men - those men who regularly consumed alcohol reported less erectile dysfunction. It seems that every time there is a study that comes out linking alcohol to good health, everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon and join the party.

But let's be careful here. True erectile dysfunction is a vascular problem, and there is no evidence that alcohol improves vascular conditions. If anything, alcohol can worsen vascular conditions, especially when they're associated with diabetes and obesity.

Looking at studies that survey outcomes can lead to many biases from the subjects involved in the study -- and let's face it, erectile dysfunction is not a topic that most men feel comfortable talking about!

So when I see headlines in newspapers saying that alcohol can be good for your sex life, I wonder what a "good" sex life is? Because last time I checked, it was far more complex than having an extra couple of beers.