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World’s strangest restaurants
From condoms to toilets, here are some of the world’s most bizarre restaurant themes.  


Dinner in the Sky

Brave souls and adventurers can enjoy a meal while suspended 50 meters (about 164 feet) above a location of their choice. The experience isn't limited to dinner; you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch, cocktails or a meeting in the sky. 

Left: A group of 22 Belgian chefs enjoy a plate of oysters while suspended by crane 50 metres above Brussels traffic in April 2006.




Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

This restaurant takes birth control to another level, advertising that its food "is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” C&C’s goal is to promote family planning and safe sex, and its décor features condoms from all over the world.

Left: A waiter wears a condom over his head while serving a cocktail on July 8, 2004. 



Heart Attack Grill
Las Vegas

It should be no surprise that a hospital-themed restaurant with a wait staff of “doctors” and provocatively-dressed “nurses” and the 6,000 calorie Triple Bypass Burger has had its share of controversy. At least two patrons of the Las Vegas burger joint have actually fallen ill while chowing down on a calorie-filled meal.

(Heart Attack Grill)


Hajime Robot Restaurant

Don’t expect to be served by your average waiter or waitress at this Japanese restaurant in Thailand's capital. The Hajime robots not only bring you your food, they also gesture and groove to a beat.



Kayabukiya Tavern
Utsunomiya, Japan

Kayabukiya Tavern is your traditional Japanese izakaya where you can eat, drink and possibly have your food delivered by a monkey.



Modern Toilet Restaurant

Nothing says satisfying lunch quite like eating hot pot out of a toilet-shaped bowl. Modern Toilet, which has locations throughout Asia, also serves chocolate ice cream in its signature toilet bowls. Think about that for a minute.  

Left: Customers play cards on toilet seats at a toilet-themed restaurant in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong province.



Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas and New York

Opaque’s claim to fame is that its dining area is pitch black, which makes you more aware of your other senses as you eat a three course gourmet meal served by blind waiters. Don’t worry, you can pay the check in a room with light.



Harvey Washbangers
College Station, Texas

Part bar and grill, part laundermat, Harvey Washbangers helps Texas A&M students solve a typical college dilemma: staying in to finish your laundry versus going out and not having clean clothes.

(Harvey Washbangers)




The Philippines opened its first costume play, or cosplay, restaurant in 2011 where servers entertain customers dressed up as French maids. The trend started in Japan and has spread like wild fire. Another Japanese chain, called MaiDreamin, announced it's planning to open its first U.S. location in Los Angeles, and has hinted on its Facebook page that Boston could be next.


World’s strangest restaurants

From condoms to toilets, here are some of the world’s most bizarre restaurant themes.  

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