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Cool kitchen gadgets and gizmos
Here are 10 kitchen and culinary novelties from quirky retailer Firebox the you didn’t know you needed...until now.


Cure for the common morning

World's Largest Coffee Cup
Price: $48.39

Here's a cup for those morning when a Venti with an extra shot of espresso just won't cut it. This ginormous mug holds 20-yes, 20-cups of coffee. Well, 19 if you take milk.    



Burn calories while you eat

Eat Fit Cutlery Set
Price: $112.79 (knife and fork)
$145.00 (full set)
Note: You can ship this item for free in the U.K., but shipping your knife-and-fork weights to the U.S. will cost you anywhere from $31 to $90. You probably don’t want to know how much it costs to ship the full set. (Hint: it is nearly half the price of the set itself.)

Talk about multitasking. With these tricked-out utensils, you can squeeze in some reps while shoveling food into your mouth.



Not your average vodka

Sparkling Vodka
Price: $24.19
Never thought you would be able to pop the cork champagne-style on a bottle of vodka? Never given it a thought to begin with? Bet you are now.

Sparkling Gold Vodka
Price: $27.39
Taking Sparkling Vodka one step further. Bubbles, bling and booze? Sounds like a winning mixture.

Todka Vodka
Price: $32.29
As the description says, "Todka Vodka is the perfect way to end a day of surfing, kiting, boarding or generally outperforming the elements." Todka, or toffee vodka, comes in three flavors: original, hazelnut and banoffee (a banana creame toffee pie).   

Sadly, these tricked-out vodkas are only sold in the U.K.



Eggs in a snap

Telephoto Cooking Timer
Price: $19.39

An egg timer with a twist. You can’t use this gadget as an actual camera lens, but it will help you make your dishes picture perfect.  

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Eau de bar

Beer soap
Price: $9.69

Clean up from all that kitchen work doesn't have have to be boring. This soap promises that you won't actually smell like a brewery if you use it, but that doesn't take the fun out of using soap made from Guinness, Kronenbourg, Newcastle Brown Ale or Stella Artois.



Heat while you Tweet

USB Cup Warmer
Price: $14.49

Now you don't even have to get up from your computer to heat your coffee. This handy cup warmer plugs right into  your PC or Mac and keeps your coffee warm meaning you can spend even more time on Facebook.   

(Note: this will not work with the World's Largest Coffee Cup (see slide 5)



Makes cooking measurably easier

Digital Measuring Jug and Scales
Price: $37.09

Save time and your recipes with this two-in-one scale and measuring cup, which you can use for both liquid and solid ingredients.



Snip, snip

Herb Scissor Set
Price: $11.29 (on sale! Was $16.19)

Chop your herbs in record speed with this 5-in-1 pair of scissors. The gadget even comes with a pack of chive seeds so you can start your very own herb garden.




Beer Bottle Goblets
Price: $24.19

Drink straight from the bottle, but with an added touch of class. These goblets are made from actual Corona, Sol and Grolsch bottles, and look really cool to boot.



Sweet and savory toothpastes

Bacon toothpaste
Price: $9.69

Cupcake toothpaste
Price: $9.69

Sick of the same old minty toothpaste? Adventurous bacon and cupcake enthusiasts can satisfy their cravings by simply brushing their teeth. Not sure how many out of five dentists approve these tasty toothpaste flavors, but the ingredients make it seem like these could really be legit additions to your daily hygiene routine.


Cool kitchen gadgets and gizmos

Here are 10 kitchen and culinary novelties from quirky retailer Firebox the you didn’t know you needed...until now.

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