Fried Chicken Cracklings

Crispy crunchy chicken skin goes gourmet.

Crispy crunchy chicken skin goes gourmet.  (Spoonbar)

  • Prep Time


  • Cook Time

    1hr 30min

  • Total Time

    2hr 15min

  • Servings


What's the best part about fried chicken? That crispy, crunchy skin of course.  The problem with roast chicken skin is it gets soft after a while, but with this “fried chicken” recipe, you can make them the perfect chip to snack on. "Top Chef" alum Louis Maldonado shares this siganture dish from his restaurant Spoonbar.  


  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • 2 lbs chicken breast skin


Step 1

  • Take the chicken breast skin and scrape the inside until all membrane and fat is removed from the inside of the chicken skin. Work fast and also try and keep the chicken skin very cold so it doesn't become a disaster when it gets hot.

Step 2

  • As you finish scraping the skins lay them scraped side down on a piece of parchment and fill up the parchment paper until all surfaces are covered with skin.

Step 3

  • Place another piece on top and continue with the skins.

Step 4

  • Place on a half sheet pan and bake in a oven for 1 hour in a 300f oven, rotating the sheets of skin half way from top to bottom.

Step 5

  • When finished remove from oven and while hot remove from parchment. Cool on a sheet pan, if you have room in your freezer put them in for 15 minutes or so to chill them down.

Step 6

  • Bring a pot of oil to 325f and very carefully fry the cracklings till they puff and release all their bubbles

Step 7

  • Remove from fryer and season with salt and pepper and your favorite ground spice