Guacamole Tomato Boats


 (Produce for Kids)

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Enjoy this easy-to-make, savory snack on your next picnic. Estela Schnelle, a registered dietitian and board member of Parents on Produce for Produce For Kids, which encourages healthy eating among families, says to follow all of the cooking directions if your picnic destination is close by. However, she advises omitting the baking/broiling method if you have a long drive ahead of you. 


  • 2 Medium tomatoes on the vine
  • 8 tablespoon guacamole (liberal tablespoonfuls)
  • 8 tablespoon salsa
  • 4 tablespoon grated cheddar cheese


Step 1:

  • Preheat oven to 400F or turn broiler on High.

Step 2:

  • Wash and dry tomatoes.

Step 3:

  • Slice tomatoes in half, cross section wise, and scoop out the insides, being careful not to puncture/tear the bottom of the tomato half.

Step 4:

  • With open side of tomato facing up, fill with guacamole, then salsa, and garnish with cheddar cheese.

Step 5:

  • Bake/broil until cheese melts, then remove from oven.