The Crooked Golf Swing



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The Irish were kind enough to bring the world golf, thus providing us with a whole new style of clothing to laugh at. Celebrating that contribution on a day devoted to all things Irish is the least we can do. The Grill at the TPC Scottsdale agrees, providing The Crooked Golf Swing, a tasty, yet bizarre, combination of Midori, sweet Amaretto, tart citrus and rum. By all rights it should be far too sweet to down in any volume, but somehow it stays in balance while sporting a nearly day-glo green color, thanks to the Midori. Your mileage may vary, but it's worth a swing (or a swig) or two as you raise a glass to the Irish.


  • 1 Oz. Midori
  • 1 Oz. Amaretto
  • Gosling's Black Seal rum
  • 3 limes


Step 1:

  • Muddle the limes in a shaker with a muddler or the back of a spoon, then fill the shaker with ice and add the Midori and Amaretto. Shake until icy cold and strain into a rocks glass full of ice. Then gently pour enough rum to fill the glass on top as a float. If only more floats involved booze...