This artist turned his sour grapes into a wine boyfriend

This Portland artist transformed wine from a social life accessory into his very own arm candy, when he made a boyfriend out of boxed wines.

Michael James Schneider tweeted on Monday, “i do not have a boyfriend so i made one out of boxes of wine,” in a post that has received 91,000 likes and 21,000 retweets.

Schneider shared images of the happy couple grocery shopping, making spaghetti, enjoying the outdoors, and relaxing with breakfast in bed. The artist used a metal armature (a sculpture framework) as his wine boyfriend’s skeleton, and let empty wine boxes dress the human-like structure that stands just a few inches shorter than Schneider does.

Made of brands including House Wine, Black Box, and Franzio, the cardboard boyfriend bears the fitting name Franz, complete with his namesake plastered across his chest.

The artist’s idea for this inanimate significant other came to him after a breakup. But instead of remaining in the doldrums when things went south, he decided to build a partner who would always be loyal.

“When I’m single and lonely and drinking… well why not create a companion out of that loneliness,” Schneider explained to  

It’s hard to say what’s next for the couple. Twitter followers have requested wedding invitations and Christmas cards. For others, Schneider’s artistic-turned-romantic endeavor has inspired a novel way of viewing their own love lives, and have resolved to make significant others out of their favorite comfort food containers.