Guinness debuts its first non-alcoholic lager in Ireland

The makers of Guinness have released a non-alcoholic lager called Open Gate Pure Brew that is being sold in 250 pubs in Dublin with an Ireland-wide rollout planned for March.

Diageo-owned Guinness is selling Pure Brew, which has an ABV of 0.5 percent, in 300-milliliter bottles. The brand describes the beer as a “full-flavored, crisp golden lager with a fruity, hoppy taste.”

At Pure Brew’s launch event at Dublin 8’s Open Gate Brewery, Diageo’s global head of beer, Mark Sandys, said, “With Pure Brew, our brewers have developed a great-tasting, fully brewed and fully fermented non-alcoholic lager that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our other great beers.”

“Consumers shouldn’t have to compromise on taste on occasions when choosing not to drink or to moderate their alcohol intake, so we are excited to be offering more choice with our latest innovation from the Open Gate Brewery.”

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This is not the beer brand’s first foray into non-alcoholic brews. Guinness sells Guinness Zero in Indonesia to compete with strict alcohol regulations, according to Beverage Daily.

This story originally appeared in The Daily Meal.