Millennials are pickiest eaters yet, study says

Millennials are the pickiest generation yet when it comes to their food, new research reveals.

A study into the expectations and patience levels of 2,000 people when dining at a restaurant found that millennials are almost twice as likely (34 percent vs. 18 percent) to feel like a meal isn’t up to standard, compared to those over the age of 55.

The survey, commissioned by GoDaddy, showed that millennials are not only harder to please when it comes to the quality of service, but they’re also generally pickier about the restaurants they choose to eat at and how they make decisions about where to eat, including a business’ online presence and social media platforms.

When choosing a restaurant, millennials are the generation that depends the most on the opinions of others and the age group most likely to be swayed by a friend’s recommendation. They also read double the number of online reviews of any potential eatery than a boomer does before making a decision.

In fact, millennials put a lot of faith in online reviews overall; 60 percent decided against eating at a restaurant after reading bad online reviews — more than any other age group surveyed. Additionally, those on the West Coast were also more likely to rely on online reviews than any other region.

The digital experience of any food-related business is increasingly essential to its success. Millennials were more likely to search through menus online and look at a restaurant’s Instagram photos before checking it out in person than any generation before them. While it’s perhaps not shocking that they would be more active on social media, they are increasingly visually motivated. Millennials were three times more likely to seek out photos of a restaurant and its dishes than the over 55’s.

One in ten millennials even go as far as to judge a restaurant based solely on the content and quality of their website — compared to just one in 100 restaurant-goers over 55. The older generation instead places slightly more emphasis on the overall ambiance of the place once inside than their younger counterparts.

Millennials are also three times more likely to not eat at a restaurant because the business is lacking a website.

Read in full in the New York Post.