Two high-end restaurateurs are in a Big Apple food fight over a new eatery’s name.

Celebrity chef Marc Murphy, of Landmarc fame, is suing Major Food Group over its new restaurants in the Seagram Building — which will be called Landmark, short for “the Landmark Rooms.”

The name of the new restaurant, which will consist of two restaurants in the location of the former Four Seasons Restaurant, is “confusingly similar” to Murphy’s Landmarc and infringes on his trademark, Murphy said in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed under Murphy’s company Anvil NY, requested that the backers of Landmark, slated to open some time this year, be ordered to stop using any variation of the name.


Major Food Group, which is also behind restaurants Carbone, Dirty French and Parm, did not immediately return a request for comment. Landlord Aby Rosen, who is also involved in the project, did not return a request for comment.

Murphy’s lawsuit complained that the Seagram’s Landmark will cause confusion because diners won’t be able to differentiate between them, especially in conversation.

“When pronounced, the words Landmark and Landmarc are phonetically identical,” the lawsuit pointed out.

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