Finnish Company Wants to Sell You Fungus-Infused Coffee


If a company in Finland gets its way, we're all going to be sipping fungus-based coffee as part of our morning routines.

That's right, Finnish-based Four Sigmatic is selling hot cocoa mixes, instant coffee blends, and elixirs infused with dried fungus — all in the name of health, reports Food Republic.

Some research, for instance, suggests that maitake mushrooms lower blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes, while the chaga variety could help lower coffee's acidity to make the morning brew easier on the digestive system.

But that doesn't mean that consuming a concentrated form of healthy compounds is safe, reports "Anything medicinal, even plants and natural substances, can have potential side effects and interactions," says the nutrition editor. Those include chagas thinning blood, which isn't advisable before surgery, and maitake mushrooms interacting with drugs that control diabetes and blood pressure. 

A safe bet is to eat mushrooms with your morning meal, and consult a qualified health care provider about drinking them with your coffee.

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