14 mouthwatering recipes for your Labor Day barbecue

It's might hard to say goodbye to yesterday. But it's even harder to say goodbye to summer.

Labor Day is one of the last chances to light up the grill for a backyard barbecue. Say so long to sunny summer with these delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes that are perfect for any grill-centric get-together. 

  • 1. Cheese Curd Pork and Beef Burgers with Lager Serrano Chili BBQ Dipping Sauce

    Cheese Curd Pork and Beef Burgers with Lager Serrano Chili BBQ Dipping Sauce

    Courtesy of Sam Adams

    Sam Adams brings us this savory pork and beef burger recipes, elevated with Boston Lager Serrano Chili BBQ dipping sauce. Beer is a classic BBQ sauce started and with Boston Lager’s malt richness and spicy hop notes, this is the perfect foundation and pairs excellently with Beecher’s cheese curds.

    Cheese Curd Pork and Beef Burgers with Lager Serrano Chili BBQ Dipping Sauce Recipe

  • 2. Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dogs

    Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dogs


    For some, Labor Day may be the last grilling holiday of the year but you don’t’ have to put your grills away-if you own a Kenyon SilKEN Grill. Use it, or any grill to make this decadent and delicious hot dog recipe that is sure to please any crowd.   

    Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dog Recipe

  • 3. Hanger Steak with Smoked Creamed Greens and BBQ Chips

    Hanger Steak with Smoked Creamed Greens and BBQ Chips

    BKW by Brooklyn Winery

    For a unique spin on a traditional summer steak recipe, Chef Michael Gordon at the new restaurant, BKW, from the team behind Brooklyn Winery, uses red wine made at the urban winery for a custom sauce with a local angle. Served alongside mini BBQ chips, the recipe offers a playful take on an elevated classic.

    Hanger Steak with Smoked Creamed Greens and BBQ Chips Recipe

  • 4. Bacon & Cheddar Deviled Eggs

    Bacon & Cheddar Deviled Eggs

    Incredible Egg for the American Egg Board

    An easy, American staple for grilling always comes in the form of deviled eggs. These Bacon & Cheddar Deviled Eggs from Incredible Egg are just what you need to get your weekend started. Even as a side dish, one whole egg containing 6 grams of protein and 9 essential amino acids. This creamy, rich recipe is filled with cheddar and bacon, a twist on classic deviled eggs. Want to get ahead? Deviled eggs can be prepped and refrigerated for up to 12 hours.

    Bacon & Cheddar Deviled Eggs Recipe

  • 5. Cinnamint lamb with chimichurri

    Cinnamint lamb with chimichurri


    Get a little taste of South America with these mouth-watering lamb chops topped with a minty chimichurri sauce. The best part? It’s all infused with refreshingly spicy Cinnamint Maté tea for an irresistible twist on an Argentinian classic.

    Cinnamint lamb with chimichurri Recipe

  • 6. Hearty Chicken & Portobello Sliders

    Hearty Chicken & Portobello Sliders

    Pepperidge Farm

    Chopped portobello mushrooms and a hint of thyme make these mini grilled chicken burgers moist and flavorful.  Served on slider buns, these sandwiches are as tasty as they are fun.

    Hearty Chicken & Portobello Sliders Recipe

  • 7. Pugliese Beet Salad with Fresh Mint

    Pugliese Beet Salad with Fresh Mint

    Dean & DeLuca

    In Puglia, restaurant meals always begin with more than a dozen vegetable dishes. Now, we're seeing salads like it at lots of new Italian restaurants in America. The flavor of beets and fresh mint together is simply sensational. 

    Pugliese Beet Salad with Fresh Mint Recipe

  • 8. Grilled Brandt Beef T-Bone with Lemongrass-Habanero, and Thai-Fried Potatoes

    Grilled Brandt Beef T-Bone with Lemongrass-Habanero, and Thai-Fried Potatoes


    Take your grilling to the next level with this fancy T-bone steak recipe. Dress up your typical steak and potatoes meal with this delicious lemongrass-habanero sauce and fried potatoes. 

    Grilled Brandt Beef T-Bone with Lemongrass-Habanero, and Thai-Fried Potatoes Recipe

  • 9. Balsamic Marinated Beef Kabobs

    Balsamic Marinated Beef Kabobs

    Newman's Own

    These signature Balsamic Marinated Beef Kabobs are fresh off the grill. Marinated in the new Newman’s Own Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette and paired with fresh summer vegetables like zucchini and tomatoes, these skewers are a quick and easy yet flavorful summertime favorite. 

    Balsamic Marinated Beef Kabobs Recipe

  • 10. Grilled Yogurt-Cilantro Marinated Chicken

    Grilled Yogurt-Cilantro Marinated Chicken


    The Brooklyn Kitchen brings us this deliciously flavorful recipe perfect for grilling at your next outdoor event.

    Grilled Yogurt-Cilantro Marinated Chicken Recipe

  • 11. Inside-Out Grilled Steak Salad

    Inside-Out Grilled Steak Salad

    The Beef Checkoff

    Wrap grilled strip steaks in crunchy lettuce leaves and top with strips of your favorite veggies.

    Inside-Out Grilled Steak Salad Recipe

  • 12. Fava Bean Falafel Burger

    Fava Bean Falafel Burger

    Michael Mina

    Falafel is typically made with dried chickpeas, but Michael Mina's seasonal version uses sweet English peas and earthy fava beans. Based on his mother’s tried-and-true recipe, Michael’s falafel are crunchy on the outside and soft and tasty within. A combination of fresh herbs and earthy ground spices give the falafel their depth of flavor. The fritters get a touch of heat from red pepper flakes and a pungent kick from garlic and scallions.

    Fava Bean Falafel Burger Recipe

  • 13. Stuffed Portobello Puttanesca Burgers

    Stuffed Portobello Puttanesca Burgers

    Classico Riserva

    A recipe that’s good all BBQ season long, Stuffed Portobello Puttanesca Burgers featuring the new, premium Classico Riserva pasta sauces with no artificial ingredients and no added sugar. These Italian-inspired stuffed portobello sandwiches are filled with garlicky white beans and topped with flavor-packed triple olive puttanesca sauce.

    Stuffed Portobello Puttanesca Burgers Recipe

  • 14. Tequila Spiked Chicken Wings

    Tequila Spiked Chicken Wings

    Tequila Partida

    Elevate a classic party dish by spiking your wings with tequila. 

    Tequila Spiked Chicken Wings Recipe