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Judge bans Florida man from ordering pizza over excessive prank calling

Sebastian Police Department

 (Sebastian Police Department )

A Florida man has been legally banned from ordering pizzas after authorities determined he placed multiple orders, and prank calls to several pizza restaurants and then refused to pay for the food.

According to TC Palm, Randly Riddle of Sebastian, Fla. used five different phone numbers to make dozens of calls between May 30 and June 18 to at least three different pizza restaurants.

Riddle would sometimes use a fake name, direct delivery drivers to fake or vacant addresses, refuse to pay for the order, or simply call up the restaurants to disparage their food as “gross.” During the three week investigation period, Riddle placed calls to TJ's Pizza, Danny's Pizza, and several other local delivery places in Sebastian, Indian River County and Micco, Fla.

In total, the businesses said they lost at least $667 because of food they cooked that was delivered to fake addresses and wasted.

Riddle was taken into custody Aug. 1 and charged with four counts of harassing phone calls, two counts of first-degree petty theft and one count of second-degree petty theft. He posted $5,500 bail and has since been released but won’t (legally) be able to order pizza anytime soon.

"Defendant shall refrain from calling any pizza establishment and/or making any harassing calls or his bond shall be revoked," states the warrant affidavit.

Riddle was previously convicted of making harassing phone calls in 2008 to various business in the Vero Beach area, according to police.  And In June, he reportedly made several calls to Sebastian police, Sebastian City Hall and the state Department of Health complaining about the restaurants he targeted. Police are continuing to investigate the prank caller and have put out a flyer advising restaurants or potential victims to contact investigators.