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Busted barbecue? Red Robin debuts grilling emergency hotline on Memorial Day

Looks like someone should have called Red Robin.

Looks like someone should have called Red Robin.

How do I know if my burger is well-done? 

What’s the best type of cheese to use for a juicy lucy? 

My propane tank is empty and I’ve got 20 hungry guests…Help!

If you’re planning a Memorial Day weekend barbecue, chances are something may go wrong.

But don’t worry. This year, gourmet burger chain Red Robin is here to help.

For the first time ever, Red Robin is launching a special grilling-specific emergency line they’ve dubbed “The Yummm Hotline” so grillers and home cooks can get their burning barbecue questions answered right away.

The idea is an inspired knock-off of Butterball’s famous turkey hotline which helps harried cooks around Thanksgiving, but we’re surprised no one’s done a grilling themed help line before. Red Robin isn’t sure how many callers will be dialing in but Butterball claims it gets over 12,000 calls each year so let’s hope the burger chain has plenty of people of standing by.

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Have an emergency? Just dial 1-844-RR-YUMMM on Memorial Day to get connected with a member of Red Robin’s culinary team. They'll be ready to answer topics ranging from protein preparation, burned buns, barbecue seasoning ideas, grill issues and more.

The Yummm Hotline will open Monday, May 30 (noon – 9 p.m. ET) and then reopen again for other popular grilling holidays this summer including Father’s Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.