18 festive cocktails for a Christmas party

Get into the holiday spirit with a healthy dose of your favorite spirits. 

Whether you like tequila, whiskey, vodka or gin, these festive adult beverages will kick your holiday bash into high gear. 

From festively fruity to sophisticated sippers, these 18 cocktails have something special for everyone at the party. 

1. Mistletoe Margarita


Think margaritas are just for summer? Think again! This refreshing Sauza sipper uses tart and tangy cranberry juice for a bright red color that's perfect for holiday sipping.

Recipe: Mistletoe Margarita

2. Glögg


Glögg is a type of mulled wine favored in Nordic countries like Sweden and Iceland. It is usually made with red wine, sugar, spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and bitter orange. Punch it up with this recipe that adds some stronger spirits. It will help get your guest in the holiday cheer.

Recipe: Glögg

3. Cascade Hollow Punch

 (Jasper's Corner Tap)

This refreshing concoction from Jasper's Corner Tap in San Francisco gets a kick from ginger syrup.

Recipe: Cascade Hollow Punch

4. Portuguese Egg Nog


It's no surprise that Santa is a sucker for egg nog. But the man guzzles gallons of it every holiday season and probably would welcome a twist on the formula. The complex mix of ruby port and rum in the rich creamy mixture brings a warmth and spice that traditional eggnog just can't match. 

Recipe: Portuguese Egg Nog

5. Mexican Egg Nog


Toast the holidays with this creamy, dreamy amped up egg nog.

Recipe: Mexican Egg Nog

6. The Winter Wooskie

 (Casino Del Sol Resort, Spa and Conference Center)

Aaron DeFeo, a mixologist at Casino Del Sol Resort, Spa and Conference Center in Tucson, Ariz. offers up a unique and spicy cup of warmth that combines powerfully herbal genever with Indian spices, traditional Italian bitter spirits and deliciously tart and sweet apple and honey in a cosmopolitan mug of cheer. 

Recipe: The Winter Wooskie

7. Brandy Toddy


The sweet richness of a brandy toddy brings forth a host of spices and flavors, incorporating oolong tea, lavender, vanilla and citrus in a mixture sure to cure whatever whatever may ail you.

Recipe: Brandy Toddy

8. Chocolate Mint Julep


The best thing about bourbon (if we can narrow it down to just one thing) is that it's versatile. Bourbon's sweetness makes it the perfect companion to any sugary concoction, and this recipe for a chocolate mint julep is no exception. 

Recipe: Chocolate Mint Julep

9. Vino and Vigor Cocktail


Cinnamon spice and everything nice, like agave syrup and apple brandy, complements the wine perfectly and gets the blood flowing.

Recipe: Vino and Vigor Cocktail

10. Colonial Christmas Punch

 (Amy Zavatto)

Bright citrus notes in this holiday punch bring festive cheer to any party.

Recipe: Colonial Christmas Punch

11. Silent Night Chocolate Martini


Toward the end of the night, even Santa needs a little Irish courage to finish his appointed rounds. Bailey's Irish Cream is the quintessential Christmas booze, delivering a massive chocolate payload that no icon of Christmas could possibly turn down.

Recipe: Silent Night Chocolate Martini

12. Gingerbread House


The gingerbread house is a combination of luxurious chocolate, ginger, and two warm and spicy sweet iqueurs that can turn even the most Grinch-like dad into the next George Bailey in no time.

Recipe: Gingerbread House

13. Sneaky Pete Hot Apple Cider

 (Sneaky Pete's Apple Cider)

Try this fiber-filled toasty delight designed to keep you warm and healthy during winter chills.

Recipe: Sneaky Pete Hot Apple Cider

14. Italian Cocoa


This combination of chocolate, vanilla citrus liqueur and anise-flavored Sambuca is perfect for sipping slowly by the fire after a few hours skiing, shoveling snow, or just watching the kids do any of those things.

Recipe: Italian Cocoa

15. Candy Cane


Candy canes are the jolly elf's bread and butter, so recreating those flavors in a boozy beverage ought to get anyone off the naughty list.

Recipe: Candy Cane

16. Sparkling Cranberry Punch



Try this recipe for the perfect holiday punch to serve your guests.

Recipe: Sparkling Cranberry Punch

17. Prohibition Hot Toddy

 ( Paul Wagtouicz)

This cold weather hot toddy was created by bartender Kenneth McCoy from NYC’s Ward III. The combination of delicate flavors from lemon, ginger and cinnamon with Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition is the perfect warm drink to cozy up with after a deliciously filling meal. 

Recipe: Prohibition Hot Toddy

18. The Moose is Loose

 (Randolph Broome)

This fun wintertime cocktail cocktail is comforting, sweet, spicy, fruity and delightfully complex.

Recipe: The Moose is Loose