Bud Light debuts can redesign to appeal to modern beer drinkers

Bud Light's new cans and bottles will hit store shelves in 2016.

Bud Light's new cans and bottles will hit store shelves in 2016.  (Bud Light)

Bud Light is getting a makeover in 2016.

The formula of America’s best selling beer will stay the same, but its cans and bottles will have a brand new look that Anheuser-Busch InBev says will appeal to modern beer consumers that care about a brand’s heritage.

"We're proud to introduce our fresh new look, which pays homage to our most iconic packaging of the past, yet feels current and unique with its bolder logo and distinctive blue colorway. It's a design that truly stands out from what's become a sea of sameness in the light beer category,” said Bud Light vice president of marketing, Alexander Lambrecht.

The new logo design—which is the first major overhaul of Bud Light's visual identity in eight years – forgoes the white and red swish for the brewer's historic trademark "AB" crest , which hasn’t been used on Bud Light packaging since 2001. Bud Light hopes the dark and lighter blue design will remind drinkers of the brand’s storied heritage while appealing to millennial consumers.

"Consumers today want a brand with genuine brewing credentials," Tosh Hall, the creative director of Jones Knowles Ritchie, the firm that collaborated with Bud Light's creative agency on the redesign, said in a statement.

Bud Light, which accounts for about 18 to 19 percent  of Anheuser-Busch’s domestic business reports Business Insider, is still the country’s bestselling beer but has seen its sales figures slip as younger drinkers turn toward the craft beer market. Earlier this year, Bud Light confirmed it would debut a new brand tagline before the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.  AB InBev says the redesign is part of an attempt to stay relevant in the current market.

“This is a brand that embraces reinvention – changing with the times is part of Bud Light's DNA, and a reason the brand has remained relevant in popular culture of years,” Anheuser-Busch head of marketing Jorn Socquet said.

Ove 20,000 Bud Lights—cans and bottles-- are sold every minute in the U.S. and the company expects new packaging to hit store shelves nationwide in early spring 2016.