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Biggest Christmas food fails

Holiday cooking. It's the thought that counts, right?

Holiday cooking. It's the thought that counts, right?  (iStock)

Pinterest and baker blogs are littered with photos of festive foods that are sure to put any Grinch into the holiday spirit.

But it turns out, recreating some of these beautiful dishes is much easier said than done. Food bloggers may have all day to whip up this sumptuous looking goodies but can the average home cook really make that cool-looking Christmas cookie?

From melting cookie snowmen to scary looking Santa sweets, these are some of the most horrific holiday food fails online.

Something's off with Santa's reindeer.

Those cute little strawberry Santas seemed easy enough.

A festive candy tray gone wrong. At least the mints are still edible.

Pinterest Fail #pepperminttray #peppermints #pinterest #pinterestfail #christmas

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Let's face it, a giant turkey is pretty much one of the most difficult foods to master.

Things going great at the Hartong household. #turkeyfail #floorturkey @smjaycox

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Those holiday cupcake kits aren't as easy as they seem.

My polar bear cupcakes don't quite look like the packaging! #cupcakefail #baking #attempt

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If you've made a mess of your gingerbread house, don't worry-- you're not alone. 

Nailed #christmasfail #gingerbreadfail #nailedit #notanarchitect

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At least this crafter had a clever cover up strategy.