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New York Jets fans shame quarterback for liking Domino’s Pizza

New Yorkers are angry that Jets quarterback likes Domino's Pizza.

New Yorkers are angry that Jets quarterback likes Domino's Pizza.  (AP File Photo)

Domino’s Pizza may be country’s second largest pizza chain but for people who take pizza very seriously, just a mention of the restaurant can spark outrage.

When New York Jets’ new quarterback Bryce Petty last week found out that you can order Domino’s pizza by tweeting a pizza emoji, he was so excited he expressed his enthusiasm.

Sure, it’s a pretty cool use of technology but Petty didn’t realize that his hometown fans, who hail mostly from pizza-crazed cities in the New York City metro area, would not take kindly to his love for a mass produced product.

His post received dozens of replies. Many soon began publicly shaming the football player and questioning his loyalty to the area:

A few hours later, Petty quickly realized the error of his ways and issued a public apology.

“I apologize for stirring up the pizza community for my recent comment. CLEARLY I have some pizza to eat, suggestions are accepted,” he wrote.

But Domino’s wasn’t deterred by the angry New York pizza fans. After all the national chain has a clear advantage over the best Big Apple pizzerias:

“@b_petty14 Keep the fans happy, but there's no NY slice on the road, advantage Domino's. DM us, we got your road game pizza fix covered.


A spokeswoman for the chain confirmed to that Petty replied with a direct message and is now set up to get free Domino’s pizza for all eight road games of the upcoming season.