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Be your own barista: Your guide to 4 pour over coffee methods

You’ve seen the fleet of cones perched above soon-to-be exquisite single cups of coffee, and you’ve noticed the barista at the specialty coffee shop pouring water ever-so-carefully over those cones. That’s pour over coffee, a slow, manual method of coffee brewing in which you drip, drip hot water through a filter-covered cone in an even spiral motion.

Each device—the Chemex, Kalita Wave, Hario V60, Bee House, among many others—results in a slightly different brew. Pour over brewing may be the simplest, most elegant way to sip excellent coffee at home. So we’ve teamed up with the coffee whizzes at Stumptown Coffee in Portland, Oregon to show you how to make pour over coffee your favorite barista (i.e. you!) can be proud of.