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Anthony Bourdain rips fellow food stars Guy Fieri, Adam Richman

Bourdain is worried about Guy Fieri's played out look.

Bourdain is worried about Guy Fieri's played out look.  (AP File Photos)

The reigning bad boy of cuisine is cooking up some controversy after dissing some of his fellow celebrity chefs.

On Sunday, Anthony Bourdain was in Atlanta to talk about his life with a group of avid food fans. While disparaging everyone from vegans to gluten-abstainers, the notoriously foul-mouthed chef set his sights on Guy Fieri and Adam Richman of “Man vs. Food”, reports Atlanta Magazine.

Bourdain says that after becoming a father he “made some adjustments” to his rockn' roll lifestyle, but others—well, not so much.

“I sort of feel in a heartfelt way for Guy [Fieri]. I wonder about him. He’s 52 years-old and still rolling around in the flame outfit . . . What does he do? How does Guy Fieri de-douche?” Bourdain reportedly mused.


Bourdain admitted that he thinks the onslaught of celebrity chefs has elevated consumers’ willingness to try new things.  But he added that over-the-top shows, like Travel Channel’s popular “Man vs. Food” starring Adam Richman, can be harmful.

“Why did we watch that show? Admit it. You wanted him [Richman] to die,” Bourdain said. He said that Richman, who has since lost weight and become a part-time vegan, only helps to reinforce negative stereotypes about Americans –especially in Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Libya and Afghanistan where reruns of the show are still popular.

“The show confirms their worst suspicions—that Americans are fat, lazy, slothful, [and] wasteful,” Bourdain said. He reportedly told his audience that he imagined an impoverished farmer watching Richman “choking on more animal protein than the farmer’s family would ever see in years,” and thinking “‘America is a terrible place. I want to join ISIS.’”

But Bourdain did have a few kind words for other fellow food stars.

"I love Ina Garten," Bourdain said. "She’s one of the few people on Food Network who can actually cook."