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6 recipes to celebrate National Martini Day

The creation of the martini has a much debated past.

Some claim that the drink was derived in the early 1900s from the martinez --a popular drink of the time made from vermouth, oranges bitters and maraschino liqueur.  Others believe that the martini was named after Martini and Rossi vermouth.

Regardless of its origins, the classic recipe calls for 1 ounce of dry vermouth and 4 ounces of gin, shaken, not stirred (the way that James Bond likes it). Strain the ingredients into chilled cocktail glass, garnish with an olive and enjoy.

Friday, June 19 we celebrate National Martini Day --a day which gives us an excuse to break out of the ordinary and try something new.  We gathered some new twists on an old classic.  So pull out the shaker -- and get to pouring.

  • 1. Infinity Martini

    Infinity Martini

    Grace Bay Resorts

    With pineapple juice, Malibu rum and Hypnotiq liqueur it's not your traditional martini, but it immediately sends you to a tropical paradise.

    Recipe: Grace Bay’s Infiniti Martini

  • 2. Honey Drop Martini

    Honey Drop Martini

    Meghan McGovern

    The addition of locally harvested honey makes this drink the bee's knees. 

    Recipe: Honey Drop Martini

  • 3. Passion Martini

    Passion Martini

    National Bartenders School

    This classic is mixed with a hint of mango fruit juice, enough to ignite the passion.  

    Recipe: Passion Martini

  • 4. Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini

     Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini

    National Bartenders School

    Made with vodka, this drink has a touch of sweetness with the taste of raspberry and chocolate.

    Recipe: Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini


  • 5. The Champagne Martini

    The Champagne Martini

    The Five O'Clock Cocktail Blog

    This martini is one that doesn't need to be shaken. 

    Recipe: The Champagne Martini

  • 6. The Double Shot Martini

    The Double Shot Martini

    Tequila Avión

    The caffeine mixed with tequila will make you do a double take.

    Recipe: The Double Shot Martini