Brewer tries to keep up with rising demand as Corona's popularity grows

Corona is the fifth most popular beer in the U.S.

Corona is the fifth most popular beer in the U.S.  (iStock)

Nothing says summertime quite like an ice cold cerveza. But for lovers of Corona, it might be time to stock up.

Constellation Brands—the company behind Corona, Modelo and Pacficio—is warning that there has been such a surge in demand for Corona that it might not have enough supply all thirsty beachgoers.

And you thought last summer’s lime shortage was a bummer.

Constellation told the Wall Street Journal that it now ships 10 percent more Coronas than it did five years ago. According to NYMag, Corona is now the top U.S. import and the America's fifth-best-selling beer overall. Modelo beer, is the second fastest growing beer brand in the U.S. behind Dos Equis, according to a report from finance publication 24/7 Wall St.

To keep up with rising demand, Constellation has invested $1.5 billion into a Corona brewery expansion along the Texas-Mexican border. The company is also seeking California real estate for a larger brewing space that could crank out more beers by 2018.