Waitress picks up the tab for couple who recently lost child

This small, family owned eatery is known for its welcoming staff.

This small, family owned eatery is known for its welcoming staff.  (Courtesy West Side Cafe)

A grieving couple is touting the kindness of a server who picked up their meal check after learning of a recent death in the family.

Debbie Davis Riddle of Fort Worth, Texas says she regularly dines at the West Side Café with her husband Shaun. In May, the couple brought along their newborn baby Glory.

“Well, we just went there this afternoon and our waitress Kayla remembered us and asked where our baby was. Sadly, we had to tell her baby Glory passed away and is with God now,” Riddle posted to her Facebook page. She noted that the waitress who recognized them felt “horrible for asking but she was so sweet.”

We eat at West Side Cafe on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth quite a lot and last month sometime we took our new baby, Glory in....

Posted by Debbie Davis Riddle on Thursday, June 4, 2015

After enjoying their meal, instead of being handed a bill, the couple was given a handwritten note on guest check which read:

"Your ticket has been paid for. We are terribly sorry for you loss. God Bless. - The West Side."

Riddle told WFAA that the waitress, Kayla Lane, also refused a tip.

Riddle was so touched that she posted the note on June 4 and now has over 9,600 shares and 1,200 responses.

"We are just so overwhelmed by all of the support we have received," Riddle told WFAA-TV. "I have so much more I could add but can't find the words to truly express what a profound impact this 'random act of kindness' has had on our family, Kayla's family and hundreds if not thousands more people worldwide. Loss is an unexplainable tragedy, but this is proof that one person can make a difference."

Lane says she was touched by the couple as well but didn’t expect the many kind responses.

"I did pay for their meal," Lane wrote on Facebook. "I didn't want any recognition ... I just simply wanted the satisfaction of being a helping hand in a time of deep sorrow for this family. However, what I didn't expect is how much of a blessing their family would be to me. Their faith was apparent and it inspired me so much."

But it looks like the Riddles are not the only couple to have received special treatment at the West Side Café. In a response to Riddle’s Facebook post, user Cassy Tatarian Kavanaugh wrote:

"I'm so sorry for your loss. My bill was also paid for by the owner at West Side Cafe once. I was a really young mother and my baby was crying so I took him to the waiting area so that we didn't disturb anyone else. I guess the owner noticed that I didn't get to enjoy my meal and paid for our entire table. Love that place!"