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Guy Fieri to open restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Mexico

Guy Fieri is expanding his restaurant empire overseas.

Guy Fieri is expanding his restaurant empire overseas.  (AP Photo/Guy's American Bar and Grill)

Guy Fieri has plans to spread his Donkey Sauce empire to the Middle East and Mexico.

In an interview with Fox Sports at a recent NASCAR race, the Food Network star revealed that he is “getting ready to open up in Abu Dhabi” and that he's going to be “doing a couple joints in Mexico.”

Fieri already owns eight restaurants in the U.S., including the famously-lambasted Times Square location of his Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. Though he’s lent his name to a burger bar on select Carnival Cruise ships that travel overseas, the rumored Abu Dhabi and Mexico locations would be his first international brick and mortar eateries.

We may be soon seeing Fieri adapt his signature sauces to fit local flavor profiles. But in the meantime, the chef is keeping busy in the states by teaming with Live Nation to open branded restaurants in 12 amphitheaters in major U.S. markets.

That’s a lot of Flavor Towns.