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McDonald’s full menu will no longer be available at drive-thrus

These full-scale menus will be a thing of the past at McDonald's drive-thru windows.

These full-scale menus will be a thing of the past at McDonald's drive-thru windows.  (AP Photo)

McDonald's fans might not be lovin' it the next time they hit a drive-thru. 

As part of its global restructuring plan, McDonald’s announced a plan for franchisees to start cutting drive-thru menus, the company announced during a webcast meeting with national franchise owners, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In an effort to streamline orders and expedite food deliver, the chain wants to show only the “top-selling” items on drive thru menu boards. Recently, the chain announced that it would be cutting several items from the menu altogether, including the Deluxe Quarter Pounder, several chicken sandwiches, the Snack Wrap and others.

As the chain trims down some menu items, it will be adding more options in the “mid-price” category—items ranging in price from $1.50 to $3—to cover the area in between its discounted Dollar Menu and premium offerings like “Create Your Taste.” A new McChicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato as well as a double burger are slated to appear on the new mid-price menu. Lower priced versions will be available without vegetables.

According to the Journal, franchise owners have complained to corporate in previous years about the lack of mid-range items, driving customers to buy on the low end or limit their purchases on the high end.

Meanwhile, McMuffin lovers will be delighted to hear that the company wants franchise owners to expand testing of select all-day breakfast menu items. Currently, only locations in San Diego, and soon Nashville, are offering the promotion. A spokeswoman on the call did not detail plans for a national rollout.