Hop to it: How Dylan’s Candy Bar gets ready for Easter

Dylan Lauren plants a smooch on a larger-than-life chocolate bunny.

Dylan Lauren plants a smooch on a larger-than-life chocolate bunny.  (Dylan's Candy Bar)

It’s no surprise that Easter is one of the year’s biggest holidays for candy lovers. Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and Peeps flood food shops, making it hard for anyone with a sweet tooth to resist nabbing up a few goodies.

Last year, Americans spent over $2.2 billion on Easter candy-- second only to sweets sales during Halloween, according to data from the National Confectioners Association.

But before families rush out for basket baubles, the candy stores spend months stocking up on the season’s hottest goodies.

Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar told that Easter is her favorite holiday. With all sorts of sweets in high demand, it should come as no surprise that this candy maven welcomes an influx of excited shoppers every season. After Christmas, Easter is the Candy Bar’s highest grossing season. But Lauren keeps her shelves stocked full of traditional favorites-- and a bevy niche brands you may have trouble finding anywhere else.

Looking for something fun to stump the kids? Try edible green Easter grass. But if you’ve got money to burn, Dylan’s pulls out all the stops with their Signature Jubilee Basket that retails for $225. got the inside scoop on what it takes to keep hungry candy shoppers happy during this busy spring season. When do you start prepping for Easter rush?

Dylan Lauren: Planning for Easter begins a year in advance of the holiday. We also set up our Easter statements in-stores right after Valentine’s Day. We find that there are so many Easter candies customers buy ahead of time, even when the holiday is still two months away. What are the biggest seasonal happenings right now?

Dylan Lauren: Besides Easter, we have become a destination for Passover candy. We have a great assortment of not only traditional Passover favorites such as Lollycones, but also fun novelty Jewish candy gifts like Orthodox Chews.

Also, with Easter happening at the same time as spring break, the store is extremely busy with not only customers looking for seasonal candy, but also people looking to experience the store. We have a lot of success at this time with non-candy items like our plush pillows and sleepwear. What do you look out for when seeking new items for spring?

Dylan Lauren: My favorite holiday is Easter and my favorite animal is the rabbit, so we are always on the hunt for candy rabbits in different shapes, sizes and flavors. This season I love the gorgeous Frey chocolate colored rabbits we are selling in-stores and online. What are some cool alternatives to chocolate?

Dylan Lauren: We have some great alternatives for Easter basket fillers like a Rock Candy-shaped lip gloss and a Vanilla Cupcake-flavored lip balm. What usually sells out during the season?

Dylan Lauren: We usually always sell out of Peeps. Peeps are a traditional Easter favorite and the new seasonal flavors and shapes are a constant customer favorite. Have you seen any trends in the past few years during the holiday?

Dylan Lauren: Edible Easter Grass is one of the newest trends we have seen grow in the last few years along with personalization. People love to create custom Easter baskets for their children and family members that include all of their favorite candies with a personal touch.