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Guy Fieri made extreme nachos in a trash can

The Mayor of Flavortown prepared a monstrous serving of nachos.

The Mayor of Flavortown prepared a monstrous serving of nachos.  (AP Photo)

Guy Fieri had a busy February.

As if officiating 101 weddings at in Miami during the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival wasn’t enough, it looks like the chef was also keeping busy in the kitchen.

It might have been a gourmet celebration but Fieri stuck to his roots during an outdoor cooking demo by prepping one of his most extreme dishes yet: Super-layered nachos in a trash can. Fieri still has a knack for serving up immense portions of food with extreme fixings.

Food Network posted that Fieri prepared a monster-sized portion of nachos with three types of cheese, carne asada steak, beans, and fresh jalapenos. As the true Mayor of Flavortown, Fieri made sure to prepare enough nacho servings for all of his Donkey Sauce-loving disciples and that required some unusual cookware.

“Guy needed something more than an ordinary platter, and for that, he turned to a (clean) steel trashcan. This oversize container was about the only vessel large enough to hold his super-layered nachos,” writes Food Network.

After dumping the cheesy pile of nachos onto a mega-plate, Fieri dished up samples to eager fans in the audience. 

No word on how they actually tasted.