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Pizza Hut unleashes new line of nail polish

These colors do look pretty tasty.

These colors do look pretty tasty.  (Pizza Hut Australia)

Would you like to try a Voracious Veggie or Poppin Pepperoni?

No we’re not talking about a slice of pizza. As part of a new Valentine’s Day promotion, Pizza Hut Australia released a line of signature nail polish colors that, despite their delectable sounds names, are not edible.

In addition to a mint green Veggie and bright pink Pepperoni, the line has six other polishes including a glitter-filled number called Sparkling Supreme, a neon yellow called Say Cheese and a demure looking nude Dough You Need Me. 

Just 30 sets of the polishes were made for the winners of a pizza-themed love poetry contest.

Nail art has certainly clinched a top spot as one of the hottest beauty trends—even Cronut creator Dominique Ansel is a fan so maybe the link between nail paint and food isn’t so far off.

The restaurant chain has tried these promotional stunts before. In 2012, Pizza Hut created a bizarre pizza-themed perfume, which quickly sold out.

The chain, struggling amid flagging sales, has been trying to overhaul its image with its new, almost limitless menu.  After our test taste, we recommend that they just concentrate on making better pizza.