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McDonald’s Japan halts sale of McNuggets after vinyl found in chicken

A McDonal's location in Tokyo.

A McDonal's location in Tokyo.  (Reuters)

There's more bad news for McDonald's in Japan.

This weekend, a customer found a piece of vinyl in his chicken McNugget, prompting the chain to issue a nationwide recall of nuggets. 

The Guardian reports that the restaurant, located in Misawa northern Japan, alerted the company and an investigation was launched. The problem comes just weeks after McDonald’s Japan issued a nationwide french fry rationing policy following a potato shortage. The chain had just resumed selling larger quantities of fries over the weekend.

Since the discovery of vinyl in the McNugget, McDonald's Japan has halted of any nuggets produced at the unnamed Thai factory. The offending nugget was also send to McDonald’s Japan headquarters in Tokyo for further inspection.

“We are starting to investigate how this could have happened,” a McDonald’s Japan spokeswoman stated.

McDonald’s Japan has over 3,000 locations that may have been received nuggets from the factory in question.

Over the summer, officials were forced to close down a poultry supplier in China, Shanghai Husi Food Co., after it was discovered that the company was mixing expired meat with fresh produce and shipping products to various retailers including McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks across China.