5 food trends that are bound to bug you in 2015

As a food-obsessed culture, more often than not we find ourselves giving in to every food trend that makes its way into restaurants and onto the Internet.

The new year is quickly approaching, and already we're starting to see the foodie trends that are bound to take over the culinary world one ramen burger and tapas plate at a time. Are you ready for the newest food crazes to hit the scene? Prepare yourself with this list of five trends you're bound to see again and again in 2015, whether you like it or not.

1. Paleo dieting

Barbecued beef steak with potaoes and mixed vegetable


Paleo, or the ‘caveman’ diet, is gaining more and more hype every day. In the coming year, more likely than not you’ll come across someone who can’t possibly have a bite of your homemade chicken pot pie or macaroni and cheese, because if the cavemen weren’t eating pastry dough and or pasta, and neither are they. Many paleo enthusiasts will swear by this 'eat clean' mentality, which involves eating lean meat, eggs, fruits, some nuts, seeds and vegetables— but some medical professionals don't see it as the healthiest of choices.

2. Ramen everything

Burger with ramen and sri racha sauce


Ramen has become a staple in a variety of dishes that in no way call for ramen. Ramen burgers, cream-filled ramen donuts, ramen pudding.  If you can dream it, chances are someone else dreamed it up first and made it a viral YouTube sensation. While the trend of using ramen kicked into high gear last year with Keizo Shimamoto's ramen buger, expect other over-the-top ideas to be the norm.

3. Smoked foods of all kinds

sausages and bacon being smoked in barrel-shaped smoker


Your standard barbecued and roasted meats are quickly going to become a thing of the past, as smokers and smoky items become more and more popular among consumers. If the masses don't go out and buy actual smokers for their home, they’ll definitely be stocking up on Sriracha and liquid smoke to give their food that much sought-after smoky flavor.

4. Fermented foods

Kimchi in isolated white background


Foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and yogurt are going to get more popular, as the general population starts to care more about their health. The bacteria-boosting agents in these fermented foods are said to aid digestion, so don’t be surprised if your local farmers market or favorite food blog is featuring a heavy amount of pickled items on a regular basis.

5. Small plates for sharing

Tapas collection, various cold meal used in mediterranean countries


That whole ‘three meals a day’ thing is about to be a thing of the past, as more people lean towards smaller meals, or ‘grazing.’ While tapas and small plates are already extremely popular in Europe, this eating trend will be seeing more and more popularity in the U.S. as people begin to cut back on massive meals in order to keep from feeling too full after eating.