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Dutch pranksters fool foodies into thinking McDonald's is gourmet food

Think it's easy to tell the difference between Michelin star grub from Mickey-D’s, right? Not so fast.

A pair of Dutch pranksters have tricked foodies into thinking McDonald’s burgers are gourmet, organic cuisine in a hilarious video that shows it's really all how the food is presented.

In a video posted to YouTube, two guys identified as Sacha and Cedrique with  Lifehunters video, are seen slicing up burgers, muffins and nuggets to make them look high-end, then offered them to unsuspecting experts at a food expo in Houten, the Netherlands.

They tell guests they were there to promote “top of the notch recipes” from their “high-end restaurant” that serves “organic alternatives to fastfood.”

Not only were the foodies impressed, they artfully describe the texture and taste of the food.  

One “expert” remarked: "Rolls around the tongue nicely.  If it were wine, I would say, it’s fine."

Another expert has this to say about a McMuffin: “The structure is good. Yes. Not too sticky.”

"I like it, it’s pure. It’s just pure organic product that makes it very tasty," says another man. 

Check out the video below, but make sure to turn on subtitles to see English translation.