Three surprising ways to cook with olives

Cooking Channel host and culinary expert Annie Sibonney loves to spice things up and add more flavor when preparing Spanish cuisine. 

To make the perfect dish, Sibonney says its crucial cooks have one key ingredient – olives.  

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Piquillo Peppers, Marcona Almonds & Blue Cheese

Slow Simmered Spanish Meatballs with Green Olives


She’s partnered with the organization “Olives from Spain” to showcase her love for the food.

“There’s not a day that I don’t eat an olive from Spain … olives are a part of every eating ritual in Spain and they are a beloved ingredient.”

Sibonney has a deep connection with Spain, living in the region part of the year.

“Spanish food is not just about the ingredients but it’s about all of the factors – the people, culture, identity, and pride of place,” said Sibonney. “People are already passionate about eating and about food in Spain so it’s really a place I feel at home.”

Sibonney says there are three different ways to cook and eat olives than one would normally assume.

Olives alone are a perfect snack. “Stuff olives are one of my favorite things; it’s really a perfect bite … it’s also wonderful with a cocktail,” said Sibonney. She suggests using gordal olives and stuffing them piquillo peppers and almonds with blue cheese.

For sauces and stews, Sibonney suggests olives over salt to achieve a savory flavor. One idea is making a slow simmered Spanish meatballs stew with green olives. 

“This is a recipe inspired by [my] home and it was on the table when growing up at least once a week … they [green olives] add a different depth of flavor and they are not overly salty.”

An Olivada or olives and oil spread is good choice to use as a condiment. “You can spread it on sandwiches, you can top a hardboiled egg with it … or brush it on chicken before putting on the barbecue … the possibilities are endless,” said Sibonney.

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