Diner owner takes prices off the menu, lets God 'control the cash register'

A North Carolina diner has started a new pricing strategy. (iStock)

A North Carolina diner has started a new pricing strategy. (iStock)

You might notice something a little strange about the menu if you plan on eating at Just Cookin’ in Dallas, North Carolina. 

Owner Dana Parris has taken all the prices down and says that she's handed her register over to God, reports the Gaston Gazette.

Parris has run Just Cookin for two years and noticed business slowing down. She turned to prayer and says she felt that she was carrying the burden of drumming up business all by herself.

“He just came to me and said I don’t need to do it, I need to let him do it,” Parris told the Gazette. “The way I could show I was giving God control was to give him control of the cash register.”

And that’s what she did. According to Parris, many of her customers are regulars who stop by once a day. She lets them choose what to pay based on what they think the meal is worth.

Although a few people have come in and not been able to pay after eating “full price” meal, the cook/owner says business has actually tripled since enacting the name-your-own-price strategy over a week ago.

Originally Parris had only planned to stick with the arbitrary pricing for a week but after seeing customer reactions, she now says he plans to continue the unusual policy indefinitely.

“I pray that showing this little bit of faith will catch on and other people will have faith. I hope people will see his love shining here,” Parris told the Gazette.  “Sometimes you just have to give control back to God.”