Man wants to meet 1000-plus Facebook friends for coffee

Man vows to meet all of his Facebook friends for coffee.

Man vows to meet all of his Facebook friends for coffee.  (iStock/Facebook)

Matthew Kulesza is determined to get to know his friends.

Well not just any friends-- all 1,087 of his Facebook contacts.

Kulesza, a student from from Melbourne, Australia, started the 1,000+ Coffees project to meet up with people he once knew well in the past, as well as those with whom he only had fleeting interactions, according to the

“I obviously don’t have 1,000 real-life friends,” Kulesza told “The point of the project is to see who these people actually are and get to know them. It’s amazing to see how interesting everyone can be if you make the effort and reach out. Everyone has incredible stories to tell.”

He is documenting his efforts through Facebook—of course. With each new date, he posts how long he has known the person, virtually, and how many friends they have in common.

He told that he has actually met all of the people he is friends with through the social networking site, some he just knows better than others.

Having 1,000 plus cups of joe is a lot of coffee but so far the experience has already paid off. He reconnected with someone who knew for years and was recently offered a new job.

"I've known [my new boss] for quite a few years, and she was one of my early 'coffees.' She was looking for someone to do some part-time work and said, 'Why don’t you work for me?'"

According to the project page, the student is now up to date #25 and hopes to finish within three years.