Food Trends

Witch Fingers: They're creepy and delicious

Freaky-looking grapes called Witch Fingers are fun to eat.


I scream, you scream, we all scream, not for ice cream but for these scary looking grapes.

It took Grapery, a California-based grower, almost 15 years to develop this freaky looking grape called Witch Fingers. Each purple fruit grows up to two-and-a-half inches long and currently comes in two varieties. The original chili-pepper shaped grape grows earlier in the season, while a stumpier version can be harvested through early fall.

Jim Beagle, the CEO of Grapery, told that his grapes may look funny but that’s only worked to their advantage.

“It’s actually pretty easy to get people to try our grapes. They see them and say ‘Cool!’--so it’s been really exciting to see their reaction,” he says. “Once they try them, they’re hooked on the flavor.”

Though Witch Fingers might look creepy, their flavor is something less intimating. We tried the darker stumpier variety and enjoyed the ripe fruit flavor. Sweeter than your average grape, it takes two big bites to get these down. But it really does taste just like a grape.

Grapery is currently developing 28 varieties of grapes—including red and green Witch Fingers. None of their products are genetically modified, nor are the grapes shaped.  Years of development has created these hybrid fingers.

So if you’re looking for a frightfully healthy snack to serve at your next Halloween fete, Witch Fingers might be the sweetest way to go.