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Naked Sushi comes to Vancouver

Would you eat from a naked woman?

Would you eat from a naked woman?  (iStock)

Remember that scene with Samantha from the first “Sex and the City” movie? Turns out, eating sushi from a naked woman is a real thing.

In Japan, the practice is called “nyotaimori.” Pieces of nigiri, maki and hand rolls are delicately placed on women-- actually placed on leaves to prevent direct skin-to-rice or skin-to-fish contact. And while the service has been around in Las Vegas for special events for quite some time, a new company in Vancouver is hoping to elevate the experience beyond the bachelor party.

According to the company’s Facebook page, Naked Sushi’s “ professional staff and models will create an atmosphere of traditional Japanese elegance that will render your event unforgettable to your guests.”

Naked Sushi’s website goes on to elaborate that their team will prepare a set up customized to the formality of the event and comfort level of guests.

While some have pointed to the inherent misogyny in grabbing edible items from a naked woman’s body, it could also be considered an unsanitary practice. But according to The Vancouver Sun, local health inspectors have deemed the practice safe.

“Our inspectors have looked into this … The original source (where the sushi is prepared) would be an inspected site,” Anna Marie D’Angelo, Vancouver Coastal Health’s senior media relations officer, told The Vancouver Sun. “After that it becomes a house party. If you were to offer sushi to your guests, our inspectors wouldn’t come to your house to see what you are doing with it. Our concern is food safety and preparation.”

And while eating from a naked woman may seem like the ultimate fantasy for some, Naked Sushi does clearly lay out rules for interaction with their food models. They include no speaking (especially crude language) to the female servers, no direct touching as sushi can only be picked up by chopsticks.  So brush up on your stick skills if you plan to order one of these barenaked platters. 

While Naked Sushi does not detail prices on their website, it does get a $$$ price rating. Packages in Las Vegas start around $1,200 for a party of up to 10 guests.