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McDonald’s goes Italian with new mozzarella sticks

Bring on the cheese.

Bring on the cheese.  (McDonald's Ireland)

After the failure of Mighty Wings—amid other lackluster new options—McDonald’s appears to be back at the drawing board with the introduction of new mozzarella sticks.

The product has previously been released in Ireland and the U.K. where they’re known simply as “Mozzarella Dippers” but maybe the team behind the famous Big Mac can come up with a snazzier moniker. McMozzarella Sticks with a side of McMarinara sauce anyone?

The new item was recently seen by a Grubgrade reader who visited a McDonald’s location in the New York City/New Jersey metro area. According to source, three of these dippers retail for just $1.

If these stick don’t take off across the country, the extra marinara sauce might make a great new dip for McNuggets.