How to Make Rice Krispies Treats Taste Even Better


 (Joy the Baker)

Soft, chewy, and just downright delish — there are plenty of reasons why so many of us just can’t give up on savoring those gooey, buttery Rice Krispies Treats from childhood.

Yet one baker has somehow managed to make them taste even better.

“What we’re going to do is smash candy into our crispy rice treats … and we’re also going to feel really good about it,” says Joy Wilson, cookbook author and the blogger behind Joy the Baker.

Wilson’s salty and malty brown butter treats is more than just an afternoon snack. It’s an explosion of fine flavors, bursting with melting marshmallows, creamy malted milk powder reminiscent of those soda fountains of yesteryear, and yes, chocolaty Whoppers for extra crunch and sweetness.

We dare you not to enjoy this fluffy, finger-licking good dessert from first bite to last crumb.

“Butter is melted and browned before it’s stirred into marshmallows,” says Wilson. “Brown butter adds a depth of flavor to these treats that feel essential. We also stir in malted milk powder and a hearty amount of salt! Salt balances all of the mega sweetness.”

Best of all? There’s no baking involved. You read that correctly: These salty and malty brown butter treats spend zero time in a pesky oven. (After all, your time would be better spent eating, as far as these confections are concerned.)

You could also wrap the treats and hand them out as a homemade (and sinfully yummy) gift … but why give up a good thing?

For the full recipe, click here.