Man Almost Kills Roommate Over Chips Ahoy Breakfast


You wouldn't want your children eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, but you'd probably look the other way if an unrelated 49-year-old roommate was chowing down on Chips Ahoy, right?

Not if you're Allen M. Hall of Decatur, Illinois, you wouldn't.

According to Decatur's Herald & Review, Hall allegedly tried to strangle his female roommate to death after learning that she ate three Chips Ahoy cookies for breakfast. The victim was minding her own business in the bathroom of their shared house when Hall, 23, started pounding on the door, threatening her life. Apparently believing that Hall was joking, the victim reportedly said something to the effect of, “If you are going to kill me then go ahead,” and opened the door. That's when Hall burst in, threw his roommate into the bathtub, and began choking her with his hands.

Fortunately, the commotion alerted the building's landlady and the victim's husband, who came to her aid and physically pried Hall's hands from her neck.

Hall has since been charged with attempted murder and aggrivated domestic battery, and is currently being held in a Decatur-area jail on $75,000 bond.

And should Hall ever be released from custody, let's all make a pact to never alert him to the existence of Cookie Crisp breakfast cereal, seeing as its entire business model is built upon the very concept he despises.