Quick, what’s your favorite part of summer vacation?

If you said long hikes alone in nature, communing with the animals, and listening to the melody of the trees, then this list may not be for you. But if you said sitting hip to hip with your best drinking buddies, slurping cocktails out of a cocktail glass shaped like a fishbowl, then this, my friend, is the list for you!

Communal drinks can be really fun. Think of them as the “family style” of alcohol; everyone drinks their share from the cauldron of hooch at the center of the table, and instead of indigestion from too many Buca di Beppo meatballs, the group gets a pleasant buzz instead.

Whether you’re drinking with one friend or six, we have you covered, as almost all of the drinks on this list are meant to be shared, and even the ones that aren’t (looking at you 88 ounce guitar full of alcohol) probably should be.

The following drinks are some of the largest in the world. We’re talking gallons of cocktails here, and they’re readily available at some of the world’s trendiest bars from Vegas all the way to Australia. But these also aren’t the mysteriously sweet, neon-colored Mai Tai’s served out of giant tiki heads from your local karaoke bar that give you a stomachache before you can even get tipsy enough to sing your heart out.

Most of these beverages are made with premium ingredients, like Hendricks Gin and St. Germaine, so you can maintain at least some air of sophistication while you and your friends slurp liquor from glasses as big as a kitchen sink.