New Study Determines Which U.S. Cities Spend the Most on Fast Food



Do you want fries with that? Because if you live in Plano, Texas, you probably do. Doesn't really matter what "that" refers to, either. You're probably going to order some fries on the side, Planoite.

A new infographic posted to has named the top 10 American cities that spend the most on fast food, and the good people of Plano, Texas, were revealed to have the deepest pockets (on possibly some of the widest pants). The study — which utilized data collected through the U.S. Government, third-party data providers, and anonymous aggregated spending transactions from Citi — has also named Madison, Wisconsin, and Wichita, Kansas, as leaders in money spent per household and sheer number of transactions.

It should be noted, however, that transactions were only tallied at a small selection of fast food chains, including Arby's, Burger King, KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, and Wendy's restaurants. Therefore, this study doesn't account for smaller eateries, such as food trucks or local burger joints, which might account for a sizable chunk of the weekly food budget in many American cities.

With that in mind, here's who names as the nation's biggest spenders on greasy grub:

#1. Plano, Texas

#2. Madison, Wisconsin

#3. Wichita, Kansas

#4. Akron, Ohio

#5. Fort Wayne, Indiana

#6. Kansas City, Missouri

#7. Chandler, Arizona

#8. Raleigh, North Carolina

#9. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

#10. Omaha, Nebraska

On the flipside, the same infographic also makes mention of the cities who spend less than the national average on fast food, naming Boston, Philadelphia and Jersey City as the first, second and third lowest spenders, respectively.

What about you? How much would you say you spend, per week, on fast food of any kind?