Quick and Easy Quinoa Burrito Bowls



A hefty, loaded burrito bursting with rice, fried beans, and gooey cheddar cheese always hits the spot -- the one around your middle.

Fortunately, you can enjoy this popular takeout dish by replacing those jean-busting ingredients with healthy fillings. Plus, it’s simple to make.

Blogger Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess created the super yummy burrito bowl, which replaces the tortilla with quinoa. Oh, and there’s also plenty of juicy diced tomatoes, creamy avocado, as well as a favorite of Chapman’s, hearty black beans.

“I think I get it from my mother. She’s also a black bean loving kind of lady,” says the blogger and recipe developer. “Eating a mostly vegetarian diet, this works perfectly for us too, as it’s a pretty well-balanced meal having vegetables, grains, and a dose of protein from the beans. Oh, and it’s totally delicious! It’s one of those meals that doesn’t feel healthy, even though it actually is.”

Don’t think grainy quinoa can create a satisfying burrito? Chapman says an easy trick to make it extra-mouthwatering is cooking it in vegetable stock instead of water for a richer flavor. Once you add all your fillings after cooking, simply serve it in a bowl.

You won’t even notice the cheese is gone.

For the full recipe, click here.