Yum Alert: The Waffle Taco You Really Need To Try



Forget that other waffle taco. This take on a beloved breakfast dish is even more fun.

Just like everyone else, Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess loves waffles, or as she calls them, “the fancy layer cake of the breakfast table.” However, to make this entrée-meets-dessert extra tasty, the blogger and recipe developer decided to try “bubble” or egg waffles. Just like the hearty Belgian waffle, these are golden and crispy on the outside, fluffy and chewy on the inside. And as its name implies, it features pearl-shaped bubbles that are super easy to make with the right tool.

Chapman recommends filling hand-held bubble waffles with anything from fresh fruit to chocolatey Nutella, but she prefers piling on melted peanut butter and sweet berry jam.

“You could also use this batter in a Belgian waffle maker, so don’t feel like you HAVE to have the exact same waffle maker as me,” says Chapman. (Bubble waffle makers also are widely available in stores on and “Whatever waffle maker you use just follow the manufacturer’s directions, as cook time may vary slightly.”

She also has another important tidbit to share to make your morning (or brunch time) a satisfying one.

“If you want your waffle to be a little easier to fold, here’s a tip,” says Chapman. “As you remove it from the waffle maker drape it over a drinking glass turned on its side. The waffle will gently fold around the glass as it cools. This will help you avoid rips and tears.”


For the full recipe, click here.