Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake



You can have your cake and your yogurt too.

Blogger and recipe developer Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess has created a cofeee cake with the added bonus of protein-rich greek yogurt.

Of course, no coffee cake would be complete without a crunchy topping ready for your teeth to sink into. Chapman's take highlights chopped pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon, and of course, butter. The result is a mouthwatering dessert to complement your love for caffeine and the perfect reason to wake up every morning.

“Coffee cake, or at least this recipe, doesn’t actually contain any coffee,” emphasizes Chapman. “So even if you’re not a fan of caffeine, I highly recommend giving this cake a try. It’s totally yummy and would make a great (treat) breakfast.”

This tasty dessert also features a sweet perk, as if it needed it.

“If you do flip the cake out of the pan to serve, you get to choose if you want to serve it right side up, with the nuts on the bottom, or upside down, with the nut topping on top,” says Chapman. “Both are cute and absolutely delicious either way you go.”

This recipe is also so easy, you might be tempted to bake a loaf or two every other day to always have some extra in the fridge. Top it with berries or chocolate sauce for an extra helping of yum.

For the full recipe, click here.