The Healthy Chocolate Shake with Surprising Ingredients



Swimsuit season is nearly here and if those long-forgotten New Year’s resolutions haven’t failed to jumpstart healthier habits, then perhaps that itsby bitsy bikini will. But we get it, sometimes a mouthwatering, sweet treat is all we need to feel good­, even if it happens to be loaded up in calories.

Fortunately, one recipe developer has found a way around that.

Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess adores the luscious combo of ripe fruit and chocolate together. However, indulging too much can quickly make your favorite jeans snug. So naturally, she had to find a solution that would satisfy her palate whenever that sudden craving kicks in.

“I’ve changed my diet over the last year to avoid as much refined sugar and dairy as possible, so I’ve had to get a little creative when picking out my late-night sweet treats,” explains Chapman.

The secret behind her creamy dessert drink? Tossing aside sugary additions for more waist-friendly ingredients.

“The sweetness in this shake is coming from the banana, so the riper your banana is, the sweeter your shake will be,” says Chapman, who prefers unsweetened chocolate and almond butter in her (vanilla-infused almond) milkshake to keep her satisfied.

“This is seriously the kind of chocolate shake that would shock someone who doesn’t know that it’s healthy,” she adds. “I like to keep the same freezer bag for my frozen bananas and keep adding new slices when it gets low, which is all the time. Because it’s so good.”

Go ahead, give in. You won’t feel too guilty.

For the full recipe, click here.