Simple Hearty Yellow Curry



Famished after a long, laborious day at the office and only have a handful of ingredients in your fridge to work with for dinner time? We've got a simple solution for you.

Emma Chapman, the blogger behind A Beautiful Mess, is a big fan of Thai dishes for their complex, tantalizing flavors.

“I used to order yellow curry all the time before (fiery) red curry took over my life,” says Chapman. “Yellow curry tends to be a little sweeter/creamier and it often features potatoes. I love potatoes. Yes, I’m a crazy carb-loving lady.”

A perk to stocking up on potatoes? Chapman explains it makes the dish “quite hearty” and “not requiring additional protein,” such as tofu, shrimp, or chicken, which also means you’ll have an easier and quicker time preparing this dish.

While it doesn’t pack the same heat as red curry, this golden version does feature other yummy ingredients. Fluffy rice, juicy lime wedges for extra zest, and a pinch of brown sugar all add to its flavor and texture.

“If you’ve never tried making yellow curry before, even if you feel you are a loyalist to another curry dish, I highly recommend you to try this,” insists Chapman. “It’s simple, quick to make, and super yummy.”

For the full recipe, click here.