Vanilla Bean Whiskey Cocktail: The 'One and Done' Drink You Need to Make



Whiskey may carry a punch, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t go down smoothly.

One simple way to make this powerful drink extra crisp and tasty? Add plenty of vanilla.

Fresh vanilla beans can make whiskey cocktails smooth with a creamy note. Elie Larson of A Beautiful Mess discovered just that when she was attempting to shake up a whiskey-based cocktail. Her vanilla bean whiskey cocktail features a generous serving of vanilla, a touch of zesty lemon juice, and star anise for a mild, licorice taste reminiscent of absinthe.

“This cocktail is strong, but very flavorful,” explains the blogger. “It’s perfect for those who like to order Manhattans and Old Fashioneds. It’s also what I like to call ‘one and done…’ because I only need one to start feeling um ‘cheerful.’”

Highlighting a few simple ingredients, adding a modern twist to your favorite classic is dangerously easy…so why aren’t you shaking things up yet?

For the full recipe, click here.