WATCH: Pizza Hut Employee Urinates in Kitchen Sink, Gets Fired



In dire situations, we're not above peeing in places that aren't toilets. But we'd like to think we'd draw the line at a Pizza Hut kitchen sink, especially if we were actively employed by said Pizza Hut.

Unfortunately, one actual employee of Pizza Hut in West Virginia doesn't possess the same scruples as we. The man, identified as a district manager, found it entirely appropriate to urinate into the restaurant's kitchen sink at a location in the town of Kermit. Worse yet, the entire incident was captured on video.

The man has since been fired from his position, and health officials have temporarily closed the Pizza Hut (or the "Pee-zza Hut," as nobody but us is calling it) for posing a "substantial hazard to the public health."

The Pizza Hut Corporation also released a statement insisting they have a "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to violations such as this.

Meanwhile, the county's health department says it could be weeks before Kermit's Pizza Hut re-opens for business, which is probably devastating news to absolutely no one in Kermit, West Virginia.